We only have one wait list per individual breed.

We do not do wait lists per litter.

To be added to the wait list we require a

$500 nonrefundable deposit to secure your spot in the pick order 

Joining One of Our Lists

You will need to Contact Us so that we can send you a invoice with a date specific to your deposit so we can track the order of Deposits.

Wait List Info

                             If you cannot find a puppy in the oldest litter available you can                                                                         transfer your deposit to the next litter.

As the deposits are filled you will be moved up the list.

                  You can also at anytime move your deposit to any of our other breeds                                                                                    and available puppies.                                                                      ** We can only hold ONE spot for you at a time**

View the Current Wait Lists Below

When You Have Joined Our Wait List

 *When you have joined a wait list for a specific breed                                                                                                      you will be notified when the new litter is born.                               *We start the picking process at 4 weeks old when the puppies are sitting upright                                             and have their eyes open.                                                                       *You will be notified as it gets close to your turn to pick.

 *Once your turn has arrived we will get updated photos and videos if needed.                                                         We can also set up a Facetime if you would like.                                 *If you are close enough to visit to make your choice we can                                                                                           also set that up by appointment only 

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